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Alain C. J. de Lotbinière, MD, CM, FACS, FRCSC


“I was only 15 when I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. After medicine and a nerve block didn’t work to stop the incredible pain I was experiencing, my parents and I met with Dr. de Lotbinière to discuss surgery. The doctor took his time with us and told us exactly what to expect, so I felt very optimistic. From the moment I woke up from the surgery I haven’t had one bit of pain. I would highly recommend Dr. de Lotbinière because he is compassionate, caring, and an over-all great guy. And his whole office is very nice; they all took very good care of me.”

–Megan Sheehy, Waterbury, CT

“Before I saw Dr. de Lotbinière, my episodes of trigeminal neuralgia were so frequent that I was basically incapacitated. I couldn’t walk, talk, or even swallow without experiencing pain of an unimaginable magnitude. When I went in to see Dr. de Lotbinière, he looked at my x-rays and immediately recognized that I had a blood vessel wrapped three times around my trigeminal nerve. He recommended surgery and was there with me every step of the way, even when I first opened my eyes after the procedure. Now I am totally pain free and off all medications.

“I would recommend Dr. de Lotbinière for a multitude of reasons. He’s a fabulous diagnostician and surgeon, very good at communicating, and extremely reassuring. He gave me my life back, and I feel he was truly sent to me by God. You will never find another physician like this man. He’s a rare breed of man and a rare breed of surgeon.”

–Andrea Monaco, Port Jefferson, NY

“If I had to describe Dr. de Lotbinière I would say warm, caring and compassionate. I had been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for six years. When the medications to treat it stopped working, my neurologist recommended that I see Dr. de Lotbinière. He was the only surgeon I felt comfortable with out of everyone I interviewed. I had never had surgery before and I have a young son, so it was a very scary situation for me, but Dr. de Lotbinière made me feel at ease. He told me exactly what to expect and answered all of my questions, and he was right on the money. I was back to work after two weeks, and now I feel great; actually, amazing!”

–Anne Cianfaglione, Peekskill, NY

“Prior to my surgery I had been on 10 pills a day for the pain I suffered from trigeminal neuralgia, and there were a number of negative side effects. Then I came across an article in the newspaper that gave glowing testimonials about Dr. de Lotbinière so I decided to go see him. I had the surgery in February 2012 and have been pain free since that time. From my perspective, Dr. de Lotbinière’s skills as a neurosurgeon are unsurpassed. And, he is a compassionate physician who is very caring about his patients. In addition, his staff is very helpful and accommodating. I’m not exaggerating when I say he gave me my life back.”

–John Grillo, Woodbridge, CT

“Prior to the microvascular decompression surgery done by Dr. de Lotbinière, I had been on pain medications and gone through several unsuccessful surgeries to treat my trigeminal neuralgia. With the pain medications, I never felt myself — my mind was cloudy and my balance was off. Then, in 2012, I was in so much pain that I had trouble eating, even with a straw. I had the surgery that December and woke up pain free. The only way to describe it is that it’s a miracle. I only wish I had done it much sooner.

“Dr. de Lotbinière is the most wonderful surgeon I have ever met. He is so caring and takes such an interest in you as a patient. He came to see me every day in the hospital. He’s just a wonderful, wonderful man.”

–Linda Amarante, Middlebury, CT

“I had been experiencing debilitating eye pain for over 10 years and had tried every possible treatment, including removal of the eye. Nothing helped so I lived on pain medications. Finally, I was referred to Dr. Alain de Lotbiniere for a consult. I was very skeptical at first, but Dr. de Lotbiniere made me feel very comfortable and assured me there was a very good possibility that he could perform a procedure that could finally help me.I was comfortable with his explanation of the peripheral nerve stimulation procedure, and Dr. deLotbiniere’s confidence and reassurance put me at ease. I felt I was a good candidate, and I agreed to give go through with the trial procedure.

“The result was more than we ever imagined. For the first time in over ten years, I don’t have that stabbing pain in my eye. The technicians at Medtronic [manufacturer of the peripheral nerve stimulator] were very supportive as well, and they were always available when I had questions about the stimulator and recharger. It has been eight months since the permanent implant, and, thanks to Dr. deLotbiniere, my life has changed. I’m on my way to having a normal life.”

— John Meixner, Somers, NY

“Dr. de Lotbiniere has given me my life back. After months of not being able to chew, swallow, and sometimes even speak without excruciating pain, I was finally referred to Dr. De Lotbiniere. After one consultation, I knew I wanted to proceed with the microvascular decompression (MDV) surgery he recommended for my Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), and that it had to be with him.

During the consultation, Dr. de Lotbiniere took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns in such a way that I was actually looking forward to having the surgery and finally getting some relief from my pain. At age 24, the best option for me was to get to the root of the problem and have the surgery.

Dr. De Lotbiniere’s knowledge, experience, and overall confidence gave me the strength to proceed with the surgery without fear. He kept me informed every step of the way so I knew exactly what to expect. In addition, he made me feel at ease going into surgery and was right by my side when I woke up.

Another great asset was Bonnie, Dr. de Lotbiniere’s administrative assistant. She always showed genuine care for my well-being. It was so nice knowing I had such good people to help me through this.

Meeting Dr. De Lotbiniere and having the surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made. No one should have to go through the horrible pain caused from TN when there is a surgeon like Dr. De Lotbiniere who can change your life for the better.”

–Danielle Troiano, Danbury, CT